Inclusv Job Application Page - California

Thank you for your interest in Inclusv's talent bank project. This platform is a part of Inclusv's ongoing work to diversify staff, consultants, and vendors of color at every professional level within govenrment agencies, advocacy, policy, and campaigns and elections. Currently we are accepting applications to work for Governor Gavin Newsom in CA.

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Are you a citizen of the United States of America? Yes   Are you a resident of California? Yes Have you ever run for political office, served on a political committee, or been identified publicly with a particular political organization, candidate or issue? Yes
Have you ever been delinquent in child support payments? YesHave you ever been a registered lobbyist or have you lobbied at any level of government? Yes
Please select up to 4 departments you would like to receieve your application. The system can accept more than 4 but you will likely be pushed down the list for requesting too many departments.
Department Of Motor Vehicles Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Public Health
Department of Healthcare Services Department of Social Services Office of Statewide Planning and Development Department of Aging
Employment Development Department Natural Resources Agency Department of General Services Housing and Community Development Department
Labor and Workforce Development Agency Public Employee Retirement Board
Provide us with a short statement as to why you would like to work for Governor Newsom. Why you would like to work for the department you have chosen. And a bit about the assets you will bring to the job opportunity. Character limit of 1000.
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